Vitamins & Herbal Extract

We offer the following food and pharmaceutical grade vitamins and provitamins:

B Family Vitamins:

B family vitamins are water soluble and exist in nature and unprocessed foods.

We offer thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, Pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin and folic acid powder or granulated powder

Ascorbic Acid & Rose Hip Extract:

Vitamin C deficiency cause the severe symptoms of scurvy. Vitamin C exist in nature, especially in peppers. Rose hip extract is the most used natural source for vitamin C.

Vitamin E oil and powder:

Vitamin E is a family of compounds that have same bioactivities.  Vitamin E is oil soluble and in liquid form.

Powered vitamin E is made by absorbing vitamin E oil into starch and gelatin beds that protect vitamin E from oxidation.

We offer synthetic vitamin E and natural vitamin E that derives from soybean.


Herbal Extract:

We offer full line of Chinese herbal extracts USP grade.
We guarantee the potency of our products, and only provide un-adulterated, fully USP monograph complying extracts.