Binders and gums

Binders and gums are widely used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing process for binding, stabilizing and suspending ingredients. Following products are our specialties:


1) Xanthan Gum, FCC and USP grade.

Fermented from Xanthomonas campestris. It is a great rheology modifier in aqueous systems and a stabilizer for emulsions and suspensions.

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2) Guar Gums, FCC grade

It is primarily the ground Endosperm of guar beans from India. Guar gum retard ice crystal formation and show synergy with xanthan gum

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3) Hypromellose (HPMC),  FCC and USP

HPMC can be obtained from pine trees fiber or cotton seed linter fiber. It has excellent film forming properties that can be utilized for coating.

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4) CMC, FCC and USP grade.

Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose is a very good and economical viscosity modifying agent. It is derived from soft wood pulp or cotton linter.
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5) Micro Crystalline Cellulose,  FCC & USP.

Bulking agent and anticaking agent in food and pharmaceuticals.
It is derived from soft wood pulp.

6) Pullulan powder, FCC & USP

Pullulan was first pioneered in Japan by Hayashibara in 1970s &1980s.
Pullulan is chemically inert and tasteless. Besides being a very good binder, It has excellent film forming property and the pullulan film is an excellent oxygen barrier. It is widely used in protecting foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals from oxidation.
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7) Alginates, FCC grade

Sodium alginates are used as a viscosity modified and emulsifying agent. It hydrogen gel is used in Jelly foods.
Potassium alginates is used as emulsifying agent and stabilizer

8) Native and Modified starches

Starch is a very economical thickener.
We offer native potato starch and yam starch.
We also offer dextrin and other modified starches.