Proteins is the essential and most important part of human diets. To balance the amino acids intake requires exploring,  utilizing  and diversifying our protein sources.
Pea Proteins Isolates:


Pea proteins have no allergens, and it is a great replacements for animal proteins. We offer organic and conventional version for use in foods and beverages:

1) Food grade pea proteins 80-85%

2) Food grade organic pea proteins 80-85%

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Soy Proteins Isolates:

We offer soy protein isolates with options for non-GMO version.

1) Soy proteins isolates 90-95%

2) Non GMO soy protein isolates 90-95%

3) Soy protein powders

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Rice Proteins Isolates:


We offer version of brown rice, and organic rice proteins:

1) Rice protein isolates

2) Brown rice protein isolates

3) Organic rice protein isolates

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Egg white protein:

Our egg protein powder is free of antibiotic residues, pesticides residues and anabolic steroids residues, and it is one of the cleanest egg white protein. We use only eggs from our designated chicken farm that are aised with custom made feed and in strictly controlled environmental to avoid disease.

Whey and Milk Proteins:
We offer:

1) Whey protein isolates.

2) Milk protein powders.

3) Calcium Caseinate