Pea protein isolates

1: Yellow pea


Whole Yellow Peas (Pisum Sativum L.) are part of the legume family. Yellow peas are similar to the lentil in versatility and nourishment. Yellow Peas originally grown in the Middle East back some 10,000 years, later spread through the Mediterranean region and on to India and China. The cultivation of Peas in Europe helped to stave off a famine in England in 1555.

2: Source of yellow pea used for our pea protein isolates and concentrate


We exclusively use peas grown in United States of America and Canada, due to its uniformity and brilliant yellow color, that will yield a light yellow protein isolates.

3: Pea protein isolates and Its applications
Pea proteins offer a great protein alternative to whey protein and soy protein due to the following advantage:

·       1) Pea protein is plant based, and no allergen issues

·       2) Pea protein is naturally  grown and no GMO issue

·       3) Pea protein has a very good amino acids profile, high in lysine and low in fat

·       4) Great solubility and dispersing ability, excellent water binding capacity to enhance food structures and nutrition.

5) No anti-nutritional factors, no gluten and cholesterol


Pea protein can be used in drink, sauces, bakery, meats, fish, snack and cereal products.

We offer pea protein isolates derived from hydro-cyclone process for instant drink applications. We also offer customers who can utilise pea protein isolates derived from  fermentation process.

Following pea protein isolates are available:

1) Pea protein isolates 75-80% (dries based)

2) Pea Protein isolates 80-85% (dried based)

3) Pea protein isolates 85-90% (dries bases)